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IOS Press Labs is a virtual meeting place where we can share what’s happening behind the scenes at IOS Press and what we’ve learned with all of our communities: readers, authors, editorial board members, reviewers, librarians, developers, and business partners.

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16 November 2023 | Pim van Holst, IOS Press, Amsterdam, NL

Discover how IOS Press charts a course toward eco-friendly marketing, blending innovation and responsible practices to align with the Sust...

5 April 2023 | Rasjel van der Holst, IOS Press, Amsterdam, NL

With a theme of “Building Technological Support for Scholarship and Scientific Publishing,” the 18th conference of Academic Publishing in...

10 February 2023 | Lauren Grieco, IOS Press, Amsterdam, NL

For the UN’s 8th International Day of Women and Girls in Science (IDWGIS), IOS Press delves into why the day is vital to advancing gender...

12 January 2023 | Gabriela Ricci, IOS Press, Amsterdam, NL

Amsterdam-based STM publisher IOS Press joined publishers around the world by becoming a signatory of the SDG Publishers Compact in December...


Digital Building Blocks for Website Infrastructure

IOS Press has formulated a digital framework that allows new journal websites to be made easily and seamlessly in-house. The priority was to focus on interoperability, flexibility, maintainability, and scalability. Click to discover how we went about this!


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The Labs website is open to contributors across the globe. We welcome posts relating to technical projects, publishing developments, software tools, and more. If an idea springs to mind, or you have a story to share that fits into the colorful tapestry of scholarly publishing, please get in touch!

Highlighted Labs Blog Posts

A New Approach to Scientific Publishing Using Semantic Web Technologies – Making use of technological advances to redefine the whole publishing process (by Cristina-Iulia Bucur, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Explore the IOS Press Website and Get Insight into Our Initiatives – How IOS Press supports evolving publishing and industry developments (by Carmel McNamara, IOS Press)

Knowledge Graphs: Making Our Structured Data Stand Out – Linked data that helps users dive in and gain insights (by Carmel McNamara, IOS Press)

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